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International Visiting Artist

Marjolein Dallinga

Lecture: Felt in Form, Form in Felt

Wednesday June 13
6:30 pm

The Textile Museum of Canada
55 Centre Ave. Toronto, ON

Tickets: $10.00

Marjolein Dallinga (Bloom Felt)will discuss the ancient art of felting and its reemergence within contemporary expression. This talk focuses on the history of the art of felting, on Marjolein Dallinga's artistic inspirations and the journey of her own work in felting. She will discuss her sculptural approach as well as her collaborations for theatre and performance, such as her costumes for the Cirque de Soleil and other theatre companies. She shapes, sculpts, folds and cuts this warm and woolly material through the process of felting, during which it metamorphoses from an array of loose colorful fibers to a strong and sturdy textile. "It is from the dance of conflicting emotions that creativity and art are born. Though sculpture is usually perceived as static, I see it more as movement, the movement of wool from fibers into felt. And as long as there is movement there is life."