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10 Most Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is CTS Co-op?
CTS Co-op is a group of Toronto-based textile artists, craftspersons and designers who work, teach, learn, interact, and innovate with others through our fully-equipped 1200 square foot studio at 401 Richmond Street West

CTS is incorporated as a not-for-profit co-operative and currently operates as a voluntary association without full-time staff.

2. How do I become a Studio member?
Membership in the Co-op is open from time to time. Notice of membership openings are promoted through our Mailing List, as well as through Akimbo and other local promotional web sites and lists.

CTS members are emerging to mature artists and designers who have a passion for textile arts, design and/or craft. CTS' vision includes a commitment to the development and ongoing exploration of clean, safe, sustainable, and fair trade textile practices. We seek members who are willing to contribute to this vision and the development of the Co-op.

3. What does it mean to be a Co-op Member?
Co-op members share the ownership and direction of the co-op as well as having full 24/7 access to the space and equipment for production of their work and for occasional teaching. The Co-op is governed by a board of directors and maintains several committees including: Communications, Facilities and Environment, Programming, and Membership.

To be a member requires a contractual commitment of at least one year, a one-time membership fee of $50, monthly Studio charges of $300 (first year), and active involvement in at least one co-op committee, work group, or the board.

4. Are there different categories of membership?
Full-time members are responsible and liable for the operation of the Studio. We also offer full-time Summer Student Residencies, as well as part-time Fall and Winter Student Residencies and Alumnae Project Residencies (when space is available).

Textile artists and enthusiasts are also welcome to join our extended Studio community by participating in workshops, classes, textile talks, and special events.

5. What is the CTS Supplier Discount Program?
Our Supplier Discount program provides discounts and other cost-saving opportunities through a number of key suppliers related to textile arts and craft in Toronto. The Discount program is available to full members only at this time.

6. Can I rent the Studio part time?
At present, the Co-op does not offer part-time Studio rentals. However, we do offer Open Studio Sessions where artists and designers can access the Studio to develop their own work using the facilities under supervision.

7. How else can I be involved if not as a member?
You can join with our textile arts community by participating in our workshops, textile talks, and other special events. Volunteer opportunities may also be available from time to time. If you are a student in a textile arts related field, consider applying for a Summer Student Residency. Eligible Student Residents must be returning to school full-time in the Fall/Winter term.

8. How can I support the work of the Contemporary Textile Studio Co-operative?
The Co-op welcomes donations to support our vision, help us develop our programming, and enable us to reach out more actively to the larger community. Although we are non-profit, we are not a registered charity and cannot issue tax receipts.

As a designated Artist Run Centre, we gratefully acknowledge the ongoing contributions of the Ontario Arts Council.

9. What is a co-op?
A co-operative is an enterprise that is owned and democratically controlled by the members who use its services. Co-operatives tend to follow a set of values and principles that are applied world-wide. Co-op values include: self help, democracy, equality, equity, and solidarity and are defined in the International Statement on the Co-operative Identity.

Co-ops can provide virtually any product or service, and can be either non-profit or for-profit enterprises. There are more than 1900 co-ops and credit unions in Ontario alone with over 2.3 million members! CTS Co-op is organized as a not-for-profit, service co-operative.

10. How can I stay up to date on CTS events and classes?
Visit our website regularly for information about new programming, classes, guest artists talks and workshops.