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Textile Writings

The CTS site features writings on various aspects of contemporary textile practice, provided by guest artists and writers as well as studio members. These writings connect us with the larger textile community and highlight current issues and interests in textile craft, art and design.

Thea Haines
Read: The Enduring Appeal of Natural Colour

Eliza Plumley
Outline: In 2010, the Contemporary Textile Studio (CTS) Co-op invited textile artist Eliza Plumley to create a
temporary installation for the street level window of Local 75 Housing Co-op – a new downtown Toronto housing development sponsored by the Hospitality Workers Union. Eliza opted to use discarded materials from two hotels where she worked as the main materials for her sculptural piece, "Hello Housekeeping…?!". Friends and members of the union and housing co-op created parts of the installation through workshops hosted by CTS. The installation was on view from April 15 through June 10, 2011.
Read: Hello Housekeeping!

India Flint
Outline: Internationally renowned natural plant dyer India Flint outlines her unique approach to bioregional dyeing, as well as her practical research into innovative natural dye techniques.
Read: A Coloured Viewpoint, ecologically sustainable mordants and Mapping Country

Andrea Maguire
Outline: Artist and writer Andrea Maguire offers her impressions of the little-known Himalayan
kingdom of Bhutan and its artistic traditions. In the coming months, we will be featuring additional
articles from Andrea on traditional textile production (plant fibre cultivation, spinning, weaving dyeing,
embroidery, paper-making, etc.), as well as a look at how the Bhutanese are reviving and adapting these
traditions to a modern, globalized world.
Read: Bhutan: Impressions, Second Installment and Bhutan: At the Crossroads